Director of Operations

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A transformational, growth-minded executive with over 15 years of experience ranging from Technology, Engineering and Procurement, Construction, Operations and Maintenance.  Damir applies lean leadership and engineering principles, sound technical knowledge, and shows the skills and ability to propel companies to new heights, maximizing EBITDA. Mr. Silic’s unwavering commitment to harnessing the power of technology is constantly present, streamlining processes and driving innovation creating a culture of operational excellence.
Mr. Silic holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Calgary. 

Mr. Silic is a Professional Engineer in good standing in the province of Alberta since 2015. Mr. Silic has had the opportunity to be part of major programs and projects in the oil and gas sector and has learned important skills, starting with front end engineering, project and engineering management, project execution, resource planning, and budgeting. Mr. Silic continues to challenge the status quo, always striving to improve. 


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