Capture Summary

Your measurement processes require data form the field.  Our dedicated team of measurement technicians are trained to complete these task for you – with comprehensive reporting of what was completed, when it was done and the result of the collection.

Benefits of Capture

Manual data collection

Manual data collection

Errors arise from misidentification of asset location as well as interpretation of handwritten collection.  By using QR codes in data collection, as well as mobile forms to collect field data, many errors are eliminated before they are relied upon.  Additionally, by capturing information on a mobile device, validation criteria can be enforced such that out-of-range data is not recorded.  See ProChart Mobile, ProTrack and ProMonitor Scheduler

Where does this data come from?

Where does this data come from?

Knowing who is responsible to bring data in from the field or transferring it from another source requires a complex matrix.  By the time you figure out what data is missing, you are too close to your deadline and your job becomes more difficult and prone to error.  By using a purpose built scheduling tool, with assignment capability, you know who is supposed to do what, and what data is missing before your deadlines.  See ProMonitor Scheduler

Quicker Access to Production Data

Quicker Access to Production Data

With older wells, your production data is 2 weeks away.  If you still have gas charts and replacing the recorder with an EFM is not cost effective, your choices are limited.  With our new ProChart solution, you can choose to scan your chart normally, or simply capture a photo for instant chart integration.  See ProChart, ProChart Mobile

Capturing Data from the Field

Capturing Data from the Field

SCADA systems are expensive to build and maintain.  Have full measurement access and control of instrumentation in the field through any web browser without the investment and maintenance cost by simply adding communications.   With either cellular or satellite, we can give you full SCADA functionality for all electronic measurement devices in the field. See ProMonitor Live

Access to Composition Data

Access to Composition Data

The time between scheduling a lab or operator to collect the sample and getting the composition results can vary.  Having a business process to ensure it is received, validated and input into all the systems that need it is prone to error, which results in what could be a material measurement error.  Schedule everything to get done, automating the collection of information from the lab, and validating it becomes a breeze.  Now you just need to deal with what you don’t have or what looks wrong instead of physically collecting the data. See ProTrend, ProMonitor Scheduler


Want to Save Even More Time?

Eliminating spreadsheets with automated scheduling will already clear up your schedule considerably.

But, if your business needs a more hands-off approach entirely, Critical Control can help you unload even more of your data collection and analysis tasks. When you include our Service Plus package, we manage your composition or calibration tasks—or both—for you.

With Service Plus, you will have more time to focus on growing your business while we take care of the finer details.  

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Bring data from the field from the source, making sure you get the best data with better auditability.

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