Field and lab services for measurement operations in the oil and gas industry

Field and lab services for measurement operations in the oil and gas industry

Leverage Critical Control’s measurement expertise to reduce error in your measurement processes from start to finish. In addition to our skilled measurement experts in the field, our trained measurement technicians in our testing facilities and our experts in laboratory analysis, we leverage our measurement software to increase your visibility into your measurement operations.


Knowing what assets you have, where they are and how they are connected is critical to ensure your measurement processes are complete and correct. 

Unified Solutions Suite: Elevating Your Operational Excellence


Your measurement processes require data form the field.  Our dedicated team of measurement technicians are trained to complete these task for you – with comprehensive reporting of what was completed, when it was done and the result of the collection.


We provide enhanced measurement assurance with our laboratory testing of oil and gas samples, testing of well production and testing of measurement devices.
Accurate measurement is dependent upon the accuracy of the tools used to measure.  Equipment which has not been tested and calibrated lead to measurement error and subsequent revenue reporting and allocation errors.  Our trained technicians ensures all of your testing equipment and the tools used to complete your testing are functioning correctly and accurately. 

Reporting & Accounting

At Critical Control Energy Services, our GPA, API, and ASTM compliant laboratories and dedicated service personnel pride themselves on getting your gas, liquid, or sulfur analyses quickly, correctly, and in the format you require.

Whether it’s a rush on a single sample, or a companywide analysis plan and schedule, our team of experts are at your disposal.


Our trained equipment specialists understand measurement and understand the equipment and supplies necessary in the field for measurement operations.  We carry inventory and have access to any measurement related equipment or supply necessary for your operations.  Where installation is required, our trained technicians are available to ensure your new install, repair or upgrade is complete on time and on budget.


Oil & Gas industry leaders trust us with their most valuable assets

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For in-depth insights into our tailored oil and gas solutions, reach out to a Critical Control Sales Specialist. They are equipped with the expertise to guide you through our offerings and address your specific needs. Contact us today to explore how our solutions can elevate your operations in the industry.