Critical Control Technologies is North America’s Premier Measurement Specialist

Critical Control Technologies is North America’s Premier Measurement Specialist

Through the balance of practicality, innovation, and technology, Critical Control Energy Services empower clients to manage critical oil and gas production data.

Our exceptional measurement services, coupled with cloud-based software and support, ensures that security, data integrity, and your critical measurement information are at your fingertips.


You need access to measurement data to make decisions. Visualization of your data and assets is essential for enhancing understanding, facilitating decision-making, improving operational efficiency, and ensuring compliance with safety and regulatory standards. Visualization software is a powerful tool for transforming complex data into actionable insights that drive better outcomes and allow for more effective decision making and prioritization.

Empowering Decisions with Seamless Access: Centralize Your Measurement Data for Informed Action


Capturing information correctly is foundational for accurate, efficient, and compliant operations. It empowers decision-makers with the insights needed to manage resources, maintain safety standards, and adapt to changing conditions. Automating this process removes the risk of error caused by manual entries, improves timelines and staff efficiency, and materially reduces measurement error.

Capture Solutions: Seamlessly Bring Field Data to the Source for Enhanced Auditability and Accuracy.


 There will inevitably be errors in your measurement data. There is not always time to review every piece of information, meaning relying on the erroneous data and each subsequent measurement process being incorrect.
Using validation tools to identify suspect data, and providing the tools to correct identified errors, you remove them from your measurement process. This materially reduces, or eliminates, the time spent on rework.

Precision Assurance Suite: Validating Data for Unparalleled Accuracy

Production Accounting

While the process of production reporting and accounting are simple and straightforward when all of the data being used is collected and correct, that is rarely the case.
Accounting for production for the purposes of allocating revenue or reporting royalties is critical and must be done on a timely basis.  Our software and outsourced processes for production accounting and allocations are tied to our capture and validation software – ensuring data is captured on a timely basis and validated.  This enables you to complete your business processes quicker and with more confidence.


Volume Statements, Allocations & MoreMost people don’t dream about their production numbers – however, they may have nightmares about redoing their work again and again due to incorrect information.ProStream uses the latest artificial intelligence technology to streamline business proc

ProStream X - Coming Soon!

By automating collection and completing validation using automation, you know what data you have and what’s missing, getting a heads up on measurement issues all before you start!By using an integrated platform from collection to the field to the allocation process, measurement errors ar

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