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Production Accounting Summary

 Dealing with the complexity of allocations, reporting of production and production accounting are specialized tasks which are quite different from the production of oil and gas in the field.  By partnering with our team to outsource these mission critical tasks, you are able to focus on your core strengths and allow us to use our knowledge, our industry leading software and our experience to complete your allocations and production accounting and reporting for you.

Your Production Reporting & Allocation Services problems solved

Getting it right the first time

Getting it right the first time

Completing an allocation or royalty report using incomplete or incorrect data results in an incorrect result.  This causes a loss of time, as well as potentially material financial implications.  By validating data, you reduce your risk and have greater assurance of your reports and allocations. See ProCalc, ProStream

What data is needed

What data is needed

Before production can be reported or allocated, you need all the data.  By the time you realize the data you need is incomplete, you may have insufficient time to get the data and complete your task before a deadline.  This results in estimates needing to be used, potential error, and potential financial implications, in addition to the time to correct the data once the information is received.  By scheduling the collection of data using our software, everyone knows what information needs to be captured and you know in advance what data is incomplete even before you know that you are missing it. See ProCalc, ProMonitor Scheduler, ProStream X

Where is the data coming from

Where is the data coming from

You know you need the data, but do you remember who needed to send it to you?  Did you remind them?  When do you know they didn’t get it to you.  Our software ensures all critical information is scheduled and assigned, so that reminders are automated and the data is there before you need it – without having to constantly ensuring the data is collected. See ProCalc, ProStream X, ProMonitor Scheduler

Getting the right expertise

Getting the right expertise

The smaller the company or the more complex the task, the greater the cost of dedicated personnel to complete the reporting or allocation compared to the revenue from the production.  Outsourcing this critical task ensures continuity, training and delivery without the burden of relying on internal personnel. See Production Accounting & Allocation 

Production Accounting or Allocations is viewed traditionally as a month-end task, which can only be completed once all measurement data is collected. Most times, all data is not ready before the deadline, resulting in both not knowing if the data contains errors or which data is missing.


  • Completion checklist and cross-checks
  • On-time submission
  • Connects to your other Critical Control software
  • Collection of data from external sources
  • Ongoing communication to client
  • Extensive Production Accounting experience
  • Specific Gas Cost Allowance experience in house
  • No charge direct contact
  • Scalable and customizable



  • Flexible scheduling: Able to complete allocations by client assigned deadlines
  • Connects to your other Critical Control software to ensure your account is completely up-to-date
  • Collection of data from external sources
  • Ongoing communication to client about any pertinent information
  • Extensive Production Accounting experience for oil and gas producers of all sizes
  • Scalable and customizable to your business needs

Production Reporting & Accounting Services

Production Accounting Services include:

  • Oil Splits
  • APMC Upload
  • Transportation submission
  • Forecasts
  • Vouchers
  • Revenue Royalties
  • Interface to JIBLink
  • Gas Splits
  • Joint Venture Accounting
  • Transfer gas sample analysis for chart reading and sales points
  • Petrinex Volumetric Submission and Balancing
  • Field Facility Review

Allocation Services include:

  • Oil Allocation
  • Gas Allocation
  • NGL Allocation
  • Ticket Reconciliation
  • API Gravity Banks
  • CO2 Bank
  • Sulpher Bank
  • EOR (Miscible) Gas Injection
  • Sub Allocations
  • Daily Surveillance
  • Audit Current Allocation Processes
Keep your equipment connected

Keep your equipment connected

ProMonitor Live allows you to monitor, manage and operate all of your equipment in real-time. Receive alarms, automate your equipment based on production, make remote adjustments, and collect data anywhere at any time.

Remote monitoring reduces downtime and maximizes production.Ensure your equipment is running efficiently, view temperature and pressure readings instantly, shut-down and restart equipment remotely.

ProMonitor Live provides true SCADA.


Production Accounting & Reporting

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