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We will go to the field to change your gas chart. We use QR Codes to capture identification and time data automatically, reducing identification and data error.


What is ProChart?

ProChart takes data management in the oil and gas industry to the next level. This energy management SaaS solution utilizes colour recognition to digitally interpret chart data for fluid volume calculations.
ProChart has four quality assurance levels, with a quality analyst reviewing all data to ensure accuracy and completeness. They will evaluate whether the information provided is correct, comparing it to historical data, looking for significant changes in flow or temperatures, and flagging any compliance or measurement uncertainty.

With ProChart, chart management is enhanced as clients can search for and view chart images using the web viewer tool rather than handling the paper source documents. In addition, oil and gas production volume reports are available as soon as processing and quality assurance is completed. 
In summary, users of ProChart receive enhanced accuracy with improved information accessibility and quick turnaround time, including:

  • Chart scanning for digital analysis
  • Chart image storage
  • Client partnering for field scanning
  • Advanced flow analysis software
  • Web-based communication

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