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It’s nice to have the continuity and professionalism provided by a company that has been around for years and know what they are doing.
Vice President
Resource Management Co.
Critical Control offers great products. The competition dreams it could be as good.
Oil & Gas Producer
ProMonitor Schematics has helped ease the wild good chase on finding the most up to date drawings.
Production Engineer
Oil & Gas Producer
They have always been available and came through when needed, going above and beyond.
Business Professional
Financial Services Co.

Our solutions have been thriving for over 30 years

Critical Control is America’s premier measurement specialist.

Established 30 years ago to provide natural gas measurement solutions and field services, our expertise in gas measurement has grown in scope to include the full distribution of meters, instruments, accessories, fittings, valves and support services.

Critical Control helps Oil & Gas businesses manage operational costs, improve production accuracy, reduce downtime, and maximize revenues. From Lab to Allocation Services, Blending to mobile proving systems, Scheduling to Auditable data management systems to meet regulatory requirements, we have you covered.

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