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Last year Murphy Oil Corporation (US) purchased our Integrity ProMonitor software program. All thanks to Murphy’s Canadian Corporation for the recommendation of our software, that is been used by their Integrity team in Canada. 
Murphy Oil Corporation needed a risk assessment application software for their pipeline integrity program in the United States, that can analyze, report, mitigate and monitor their pipeline systems over time. As a result of that, ProMonitor Risk & Integrity software was being suggested to them for our impeccable and productive product line.

Generating a risk assessment report for their pipeline system was their main priority and Critical Control’s ProMonitor™ Risk & Integrity software was able to deliver that request to a satisfactory level and with the best training program they ever expected.  

In Promonitor your able to generate a Detailed Pipeline Assessment Report for a single pipeline and a Detailed Pipeline Assessment summary report for your entire pipeline system. 
The algorithm of these assessment was developed through decades of experience and research, following best practices as recommended by NACE, ASME, CSA Z662 and CAPP.

Figure 1: Detailed Pipeline Assessment

Figure 1: Detailed Pipeline Assessment report
It incorporates over 100 variables for risk calculations for the Internal causes Likelihood, External Corrosion Likelihood, and the Consequence score. The factors that represent each Likelihood are being given a score based on how they affect the pipeline integrity. That score gets multiplied by the weight of that factor. The weight represents how we view that factor in our risk assessment.

  • ICL: Internal Causes Likelihood 
  • ECL: External Corrosion Likelihood 
  • GTL: Geotechnical Likelihood 

(ICL,ECL & GCL): Score x Weight= Extended Score

That Extended scores gets ranked based on the bounds set for the Likelihood (ICL, ECL, GTL) and Consequence (GC) in ProMonitor. Which gives us an overall score for that pipeline as seen in the report above.

Figure 2: Assessment Matrix Table & Score

We can generate a mitigated risk assessment report based on the mitigated practices, that are being applied to that pipeline against an unmitigated risk assessment report for that same pipeline. The risk assessment report also contains the pipeline physical information’s, flow volumes, chemistry and characteristics and other various parameters we consider in the risk analyzation of a pipeline. 

Figure 3: Pipeline Assessment Matrix and Details

Figure 3: Pipeline Assessment Matrix and Details

The above figure shows an entire pipeline system risk matrix with the detailed pipeline list displaying their various risk scores. They work relatively to each other and is mostly needed in evaluating which pipelines are more at risk. The Detailed Pipeline Assessment Report can be produced instantly for any date period you wish to pull from, and the scores, bounds, factor weightings, and matrix table are fully customizable depending on client’s request. 


In ProMonitor™ reports are generated in real-time based on the latest data currently available in the system. Given with the fact that, they were a US based client and all their operations are in Standard units, wasn’t a challenge for us. We were able to create a unit conversion tool in ProMonitor to convert between metric and standard units, both in the software and on all reports requiring these unit conversations.

Our ability to have unlimited user accounts with restricted permission settings and free software training, were a catching feature for them as it was time consuming. There are no hidden licensing fees for additional users, and clients receive consistently superior training and support well beyond implementation. 
After seeing all the applicable functionalities with the extensive reporting design in ProMonitor Risk and Integrity software program, Murphy Oil Cooperation were very much satisfied and decided to acquire our innovative integrity software technology.

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