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Company: Whitecap Resources Date: June 10, 2022
Services/Software: ProChart, ProMonitor Risk & Integrity, ProMonitor Schematics, ProTrend

The following is an in-depth case study on Whitecap’s adoption of ProMonitor Risk & Integrity. Whitecap Resources were interested in a software solution that provides accurate data visualization and customizable pipeline risk & integrity management modules that includes unlimited users and reports on compliance to both local & provincial regulations. Critical Control Technologies provides all these solution in one software package known as ProMonitor Risk & Integrity that is reliable, effective in managing data, time-saving, cost efficient, easy to use and with adequate training programs in place. ProMonitor Risk & Integrity offers accurate data visualization and offers one of the best pipeline risk assessment applications in the Oil and Gas Industry!

Needs & Priorities

If you have oil and gas facilities, they are at risk of failing due to internal or external corrosion. Whitecap currently has over 22,000 pipelines which need to be managed on a regular basis. All these pipelines also need to comply with local and provincial regulations based on where they are located. For example: in Alberta, active pipelines with No flow for 12 months needs to be discontinued. 

Risk varies from pipeline to pipeline and from location to location, so Whitecap needed a risk assessment program that is completely customizable to accurately reflect the risk associated with each individual pipelines and a software program that could recommend mitigation activity and the frequency at which the activity should be conducted to reduce the risk on the pipelines. This is where ProMonitor Risk & Integrity software comes in. ProMonitor Risk & Integrity not only takes care of all these issues, but it also allows unlimited user at no extra cost, allows you to focus resources on mitigating identified risks instead of hiring Engineers to do sophisticated risk analysis. 

Generating a risk assessment report for their pipeline system was their main priority and Critical Control’s ProMonitor Risk & Integrity software was able to deliver that request to a satisfactory level and with the best training program they ever expected. In ProMonitor, you’re able to generate a Detailed Pipeline Assessment Report for a single pipeline and a Detailed Pipeline Assessment summary report for your entire pipeline system.

ProChart (Whitecap Resources)

ProMonitor Risk & Integrity (Whitecap Resources)

ProMonitor Schematics (Whitecap Resources)

ProTrend (Whitecap Resources)


Whitecap Resources has been enthusiastic about all of our software solutions and has reported improvement in all fields as a result. Their willingness to work with us to personalize, improve and further develop our services makes them an invaluable client with long-term and growth potential. This makes them an ideal client for cooperating with projects such as the QR code/mobile launch, as well as for collecting testimonials and bringing in new clients through recommendations, which they’ve already engaged in.

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