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Reasons for switching to ProTrend
1. Centralize all their data into 1 login and 1 database. They currently use the composition and calibration modules. Allows them to eliminate all their various spreadsheets stored in different areas of their company. Therefore, reducing the time trying to track different types of data.
2. Incorporate all their purchased assets into 1 central location.
3. Schedule, validate, report, and ensure accurate allocations.

1. Pre-Covid; Whitecap was going to trial 1 area in ProTrend as a test run of roughly 600 meters. Things got cancelled during the pandemic. However, also during the Pandemic, Whitecap
purchased NAL and TORC who were both larger ProTrend clients. They then decided to keep ProTrend as their main platform.
2. Implementation process was to rename the NAL database to Whitecap and transfer the TORC assets into that database. Since then, they have added several thousands of their own meters into the system.
3. They have also purchased other assets from various other oil and gas companies.

1. We have been able to centralize all of Whitecap’s data into 1 log in. No more having different data in different departments of their company.
2. We upload their analyses and calibrations into their account. No more need for manual entry.
3. We can automatically push out their accurate data into ProMonitor Live and their other SCADA and interface systems.
4. They can view their sample points and historical data that is stored in ProTrend, directly from a hyperlink in Schematics.
5. They have had some development requests that we have been able to cater to, as well as some things that are on our development list.

How it’s going
1. They are one of our largest ProTrend clients. Things are going well as they keep adding more meters each month.
2. Interaction between Critical and Whitecap is high, therefore they are using ProTrend very actively and keeping their information up to date.

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