ProMonitor Schematics (Whitecap Resources)

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Reasons for staring ProMonitor Schematics
1. This mid-size company was using the in-house team to manage schematics. As a result, they lost track updating their schematics on schedule, and had a hard time find the correct schematics.
2. With our ProMonitor schematics system, we not only can keep the D17 compliant schematics up to date, but also helps them easily locate any drawing by searching asset’s surface location information. 

1. Leverages data consolidated from a variety of public, regulatory and private sources to provide
database driven regulatory compliant drawings.
2. The service collates available data electronically, provides a web based interface for review & validation, communication of drawings and uses a series of proprietary calculations and spatial algorithms to generate documents.

1. Became D017 compliant at a low cost.
2. Can access all of their schematics from our central repository system maintaining their audit trail and version control.
3. Now managing their schematic updates using our built-in workflows and our schematic

Management of Change process experience.
4. Extracting all their equipment/asset data and update their various systems with the latest
information from the field.
5. Can now identify the discrepancies between what is reported and what is physically in the field.

How it’s going 
1. Have seen significant strides across all departments as a direct result of the improvements in punctuality, accuracy, and accessibility. 2. Enthusiastic to continue and contribute to the further development of this program.

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