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Reasons for using ProChart
1. We had acquired meters from Whitecap from Digital Chart Pro in 2017. Our turnaround times were faster and the client had the ability to view the data more clearly on the website which was a benefit to the client.
2. The Measurement Group was seeking a way to increase regulatory compliance and reduce risk from inaccurate chart data. The team knew that their production data set obtained from charts was incomplete, and often meter data was inaccurate.
3. They knew they needed to pinpoint the source of the errors, identify gaps and create an assurance process.

1. CriticalControl had a report which identified errors, provided the details of those errors and then revealed the source within the process.
2. Data that was specifically non-compliant with Directive 17 was flagged. Each field was measured.
3. The individuals within the process who were accountable for the errors were identified, and training dollars allocated appropriately.

1. Chart errors were cut by approximately 20% in the first 6 months, creating a saving in PA time.
2. Rework for Production Accountants was reduced.

How it’s going
1. The producer now has confidence in the process, controls and regulatory compliance reporting.

ProChart Mobile

For 60 years, gas wells have relied on manual chart recorders to measure production, requiring the manual placing and collection of critical data. ProChart Mobile eliminates that process and moves production measurement into the 21st century!

With a simple scan of a QR code on the chart recorder and then on a blank chart, all meter identification and collection data are electronically appended to the chart. Changes to the meter can be easily noted in the app and downloaded once the chart is integrated.

Available on iOS and Android. Sign up for a demo today!

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