Reduce Measurement Errors Caused by Handwriting

Summary Content

Something as simple as illegible handwriting can lead to significant measurement issues. This will contribute to lost revenue, inaccurate data, and delays in processing. Digitizing this manual process reduces measurement errors by removing the guesswork. This saves operator time and improves auditability through instant access, history tracking and clarity of data.

  • Illegible handwriting creates confusion, inaccurate data, and delays. For example, what should be read as a “0” gets interpreted as an “8”. This could lead to a chart being processed and reported into the wrong UWI. Being able to scan a QR code at the meter, the actual location is immediately associated with the chart.
  • It is too easy to use the wrong sticker identification or manually write the incorrect location on a chart, resulting in measurement error. Recording well identification by scanning a QR code on the meter at the location eliminates this type of error.
  • Bad weather could lead to damaged or smudged writing. Analysts are not able to proceed with the chart integration/interpretation until it is confirmed by the client. This delays the chart being processed and reported, and could result in missed deadlines. Digitizing the process in a mobile application removes this issue entirely.
  • Worn out orifice plate stamps could lead to it being mis-interpreted. For example, an orifice plate may be 0.250” but perhaps the stamp is being interpreted as 0.750”. This could create a significant volume overstatement. Having access to previous chart history, as well as calibration reports eliminates the need to figure out worn out stamps.
  • Missing Information – when filling out so many charts, some things are bound to be missed. A check-list on the mobile app ensures that each field is filled out prior to continuing, this will make sure all required data has been provided.

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