Composition Analysis and Meter Calibration Software


ProTrend is the best software for scheduling, validating and managing fluid composition data and meter calibrations.

Increase Accuracy & Control While Saving Time & Money

When you invest in ProTrend, you gain access to a powerful tool that simplifies your sample scheduling so your team can spend less time sifting through complex spreadsheets. Along with being a robust composition repository, ProTrend also provides auditable resource allocation and data validation solutions for all your well monitoring needs.  

Learn more about how our purpose-built calibration management software can help your business today. 

All-In-One Business Process Automation Software 

If your current software solution doesn’t seamlessly integrate with your data validation process, you’re due for an upgrade. 

ProTrend stores your meter calibration history and composition analysis data in one place — so you can easily access your well data with just one click. 

This centralized management system takes care of all aspects of your business, including: 

  • Measurement
  • Production
  • Operations
  • Accounting

How Can ProTrend Transform your Production Operation?

Central Repository

ProTrend automatically imports all your data into a single repository, following stringent quality assurance checks. This eliminates manual entry, prevents keying errors and maximizes your data integrity. 

Automated Validation

Reduce human intervention and deal only with exceptions. As your analyses are imported from any laboratory, data is automatically validated according to your pre-set parameters. ProTrend’s exception reporting features drastically cut down on manual checks, freeing up your labour force. 

Calibration Management

In addition to scheduling, validating and storing calibration data in a central repository, you’ll have access to an entire library of editable PDFs to complete meter calibrations effortlessly and accurately. 

Simple Scheduling

Easily keep track of sampling and calibrations to comply with government regulations (US & Canadian), meet contractual obligations, and set the standard for company best practices. 

Capture Field Data

Spending less time on data collection will give your team more energy to focus on revenue-boosting operations. ProTrend lets you capture data on any mobile device as well as validate, integrate, and create accurate production reports. 


Simply import field data from your SCADA or web SCADA system, or manually upload your audit files to be stored with a full audit trail. Plus, ProTrend’s AI features help you quickly correct errors and create volume statements. 

"2021 has been great! It’s our first full year of solely using the ProTrend to track, schedule and house our calibrations and analysis. Our team had spent a lot of time going through and updating and scheduling the database for 2021, and once we got the 2021 schedule cleaned up and sent out, it has been completely utilized by the field and office. We realized early this year that we had missed a calibration on a major facility last year – so I think utilizing the system got the field on board pretty fast!
ProTrend Coordinator — Large Oil and Gas Producer

Thousands of Oil & Gas Companies Trust ProTrend

ProTrend’s data-driven solutions can help you manage operational costs, improve production accuracy, reduce downtime, and maximize revenue.  

Try ProTrend for free today and find out how data analysis for decision-making can optimize your operation.  

Want to Save Even More Time?

Eliminating spreadsheets with automated scheduling will already clear up your schedule considerably. 

But, if your business needs a more hands-off approach entirely, Critical Control can help you unload even more of your data collection and analysis tasks. When you include our Service Plus package, we manage your composition or calibration tasks—or both—for you. 

With Service Plus, you will have more time to focus on growing your business while we take care of the finer details.  

We Empower Better Decisions