Remote Site Data Capturing
& Monitoring

ProMonitor Live

Monitor and manage remote production and processing sites in real-time with ProMonitor Live, the industry’s most effective web SCADA solution.

Optimize Production, Reduce Operating Costs,
Improve Measurement.

Monitor and manage remote production and processing sites in real-time with ProMonitor Live, the industry’s most effective SCADA dashboard solution.

Get to know ProMonitor Live

Developed exclusively for oil and gas professionals, ProMonitor Live is a web-enabled Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) software system that enables remote site management in real-time.

It offers a superior solution for optimizing remote-site visits, reducing production downtime.

How does ProMonitor Live work?

Two-way encrypted communication is enabled between remote sites and the ProMonitor Live server through a secure internet connection. ProMonitor Live can communicate with virtually any field system as a stand-alone device, or integrated into an existing SCADA system. Users can then control and update information remotely without the need for additional software.

“The company decided to implement ProMonitor Live due to its straightforward pricing structure and ability to connect with devices already available. The cloud-based functionality of the SCADA system made viewing data easy, resulting in quick adoption of the Oil & Gas SCADA software by field and office personnel.”

How does NetFlow work?

Multi-Well Trending

View instantaneous casing and tubing pressure readings and compare pressures across the whole reservoir to analyze your production. Use your pressure trends to set your alarms, manage wells across your reservoir and forecast production.

Over 70 Meter Checkpoints

With over 70 meter checkpoints checking for correct gas composition, orifice plate size, calibration and other sources of error, you can rest assured that your measurement data is accurate. Sort measurement issues by area of meter and view error history to plan a maintenance schedule for your meters.

Interactive Graphics

ProMonitor Live’s graphical interface helps you visualize your site and draws your attention to alarms to help you focus on top priorities and quickly resolve any issues. You can ensure your equipment is running efficiently and stop and re-start your equipment remotely to maximize production.

Robust Reporting

ProMonitor Live comes with all the standard reports you expect from a SCADA solution as well as the ability to create custom reports. Custom reports can be saved, templated and shared with other users. Gas Composition and Meter Configuration reports will alert you to measurement issues across your whole company.


EFM Data Collection
Accurate – Fast – Auditable
• Automated data collection using ProMonitor Live
• Complete audit files from the field without travel costs
• Remote control functionality and automated alarms that drastically reduce site visits


Any Device – Full Control
• Collect volume data
• Full alarming
• Gas & Oil Functionality
• Table view or Schematic View
• Meters, tanks and equipment with digital controls

ProMonitor Live in Action

1) Multi meter(up to 4) trending

2) Company oil inventory 30 days
vs Tank Level

3) Single Meter Trending

(Top Left) Progressive Cavity Pump Schematic

(Top Right) Gas Battery

(Bottom Left) Plunger Lift

(Bottom Right) Natural Gas Compressor

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