The largest and most trusted name for gas chart integration in North America.

We are the pioneers in digital gas chart integration and the standard of service on which others are measured.

Reduce Turnaround Time, Acquire Data Easily,
Minimize Human Error.

“Over 160,000 charts processed per month for over 900 customers, 
including 80% of North America’s top 25 gas producers.”

What is ProChart?

ProChart is a proprietary software system that utilizes color recognition to digitally interpret chart data for fluid (primarily gas) volume calculations.

ProChart has four levels of quality assurance, with a quality analyst reviewing the data.

They are responsible for evaluating whether the information provided is correct, comparing it to historical data, looking for significant changes in flow or temperatures and flagging for any compliance or measurement uncertainty.

Chart management is enhanced as clients can search for and view chart images using the web viewer tool, rather than handling the paper source documents. Volume reports are available as soon as processing and quality assurance is completed. Users of ProChart receive enhanced accuracy with improved turnaround and information accessibility, including:

prochart introduction

Leading Chart Integration in North America

Over 140,000 charts are processed per month for over 900 customers, including 80% of North America’s top 25 gas producers. ProChart has the most extensive reporting capability available in the industry.

Faster & More Accurate

Using our leading-edge software with advanced AI together with irreplaceable human insight, ProChart provides rapid turnaround on chart data with unparalleled accuracy. Chart management is enhanced as users can readily search for and view chart images online rather than handling the paper source documents. For the quickest turnaround of 24-48 hours, charts can be scanned remotely and transmitted immediately to the ProChart vendor for processing and volume determination.

Customized Reporting

ProChart offers clients the means to get their data in a manner that best fits their specific business needs. With customization volume reporting, electronic exports and detailed analyses, ProChart enables businesses to know everything possible about their natural gas production.

Simple Pricing

ProChart is not only the most comprehensive leading chart integration application available, but it is also easy and affordable to budget on a per chart basis.

How does ProChart work?

Charts are scanned and loaded into digital interpretation software, and then an image overlay is created by the software in order to determine a volume. Data is then validated and analyzed for quality assurance before any reports are dispatched to our clients. For the quickest turnaround, charts can be scanned remotely and transmitted immediately to your Critical Control chart scanning representative.

Our remote scanning provides a 24-48 hour turnaround, however if remote scanning is not an option, charts can be sent directly to Critical Control account for scanning – the only difference being the chart transit time.

ProChart working for you

  • Stay connected to operations
  • Quick response to changing situations
  • Efficient communication and collaboration
  • Share current and historical data in real-time
  • Instant web access to your information, including measured volumes, chart images, chart image overlays, database information for meters, exception reports, EDI extracts for uploads to field data capture and production accounting systems.
  • Trend the last four months of data on an interactive graph
  • ProChart is user-friendly: simple sort mechanisms, point-and-click date ranges, autofill sort fields, clear status descriptions, user-defined field scanner notes.

Chart and Data Auditing Services

Auditing volumetric information is a low-cost insurance against errors, omissions and even fraud. Charts and EFM data can be reprocessed, compared and evaluated to ensure that volumes are properly interpreted and calculated. The results of the audit will be reported to you, identifying the cause of the discrepancy and offer technical support in resolving the differences.

Chart Storage and Retrieval

Critical Control Energy Services offers document storage and retrieval services for meter charts. With hundreds of thousands of charts currently in storage, we know how to index and catalog large volumes of documents for efficient retrieval.

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