ProMonitor Live Measurement Problems Report

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One of the best features of a SCADA system is the interactivity with current remote site operating conditions. This offers operators and gas measurement accounting staff remote access to production data. The accuracy of the measurement data, provided on a timely basis, is of paramount interest to the gas measurement industry.   While a SCADA system can retrieve data and provide reports, alarms, and operator interaction with field conditions, it should also provide analysis on the data and alarm on inaccurate configurations and meter setup!

Let’s look at how ProMonitor Live helps operators maintain data integrity through the Measurement Problems report.  This report identifies the date of the gas composition, incorrect beta ratio sizes, too many zeros for elements of the gas composition, C1 being 100%, polling errors, the last calibration time and in fact identifies and reports on approximately 8o parameters related to proper gas measurement.  This report is available to every user allowing corrections as required and helping maintain measurement data integrity.

Accessing the report:

Accessing the report

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Accessing the report

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Accessing the report

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Imagine maintaining a high degree of gas measurement accuracy for volume reporting for your company and to governmental agencies. Imagine a Scada system that does the analysis for you ensuring accurate reporting the first time. That’s ProMonitor Live!

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