Pipeline Integrity Management Software


ProMonitor is today’s leading measurement solution for oil and gas operations.

Access Critical Information for Better Decision Making

ProMonitor is the leading spatial data solution for operations in Western Canada. This pipeline integrity management tool provides accurate GIS mapping and measurement schematics alongside pipeline risk and integrity management modules for all users – anytime, anywhere.

With ProMonitor, you’ll be able to access critical oil and gas GIS data and a visual map of all your assets to aid your team in decision-making and regulatory compliance.

Learn more about how our integrity management software can help your oil and gas business today.

What Sets ProMonitor Apart?

Promonitor Schematics

Measurement Schematics

Measurement drawings are no longer a nightmare with ProMonitor. Imagine using a simple web-based tool that displays all your assets, shows how they are all connected and provides full measurement drawings through any web browser or mobile device. Luckily, ProMonitor makes this dream come true, all while taking it even further.  

GIS Based – Integrated Data 
• Initial drafts rendered by datasets 
• Full functionality over the cloud 
• Unlimited users 
• Data exception and AI analytics to prompt when schematic needs to be updated 

Promonitor Integrity

ProMonitor Risk & Integrity

If you manage oil and gas facilities, you know they are always at risk of failing due to internal or external corrosion. Whether you are ignoring the risk, managing it by collecting data on a monthly basis, utilizing a third-party application, or hiring engineers to do a sophisticated analysis, ProMonitor Risk & Integrity can save you money. 

Build, Collect & Validate 
• Unlimited users 
• Completely flexible scheduling 
• Individualized dashboards 
• One client task creation 

ProMonitor Scheduler

ProMonitor Scheduler

You need accurate data from the field to make informed decisions. Plus, regulations require that you make sure specific tasks are completed or that certain information is captured. The ProMonitor Scheduler enables you to schedule tasks, capture data, and be alerted when tasks are missed so that you can stay on top of all critical duties.  

Schedule – Validate – Report 
• Build and manage simple or complex schedules 
• Automated task assignment to internal employees or third-party providers 
• Best in class validation & reporting 
• Robust third-party measurement integration 

ProMonitor Field Services

One-Call Manager

Anyone who is digging is required to notify the government through One-Call before they start. Each province has its own system to review a notice and then issue a mandate to anyone in the area to identify and visibly tag assets that may be affected. As an oil and gas producer, you need to have a process to receive these tickets from provincial bodies and determine whether your facilities are affected and what to do if they are. Fortunately, ProMonitor can take care of the whole process for you. 

Meet Regulatory Compliance at a Fraction of your Current Costs!

With ProMonitor, immediate regulatory compliance is an out-of-the-box by-product of our implementation. Unlock tremendous operational benefits with our pipeline integrity management software today.

One Tool for All Your Measurement, Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance Software Needs

ProMonitor pushes the envelope while eliminating the barriers of paper-based “connectivity.” It gives you a cloud-based tool that knows the exact location of your assets and how they’re connected.  

Anyone can view a measurement schematic on any device with any software, but with ProMonitor, every asset and connection is stored in a central database — combining hundreds of internal and external datasets.  

This unlocks the gateway to quickly making informed decisions throughout your operations.

We Empower Better Decisions