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Manage and Track Your Data With ProMonitor

Manage and Track Your Data With ProMonitor

Manage and Track Your Data With ProMonitor

As an oil and gas operator, you need to be able to make decisions about your assets quickly. This requires quick access to field data that you know with certainty is accurate—that’s where ProMonitor can come in.

ProMonitor is the leading spatial data solution for operations, and is known for its accurate data visualization, measurement schematics, and so much more. Here are just a few ways this software can reduce your organization’s operating costs and increase the effectiveness of the money you are spending:

Visualize Assets

ProMonitor Schematics is a web-based tool that lets you store all your assets efficiently. You can zoom in and visualize all the connections, or pull up full measurement drawings on your mobile device while making site visits.

Wondering about the production levels of a certain asset? ProMonitor Schematics will detail the up-to-date information on that too!

Manage Risk

ProMonitor Integrity takes risk management to a whole new level by automatically storing your data and continuously making comparisons to your internal data and publicly available datasets. It will create an industry-leading risk matrix to show you exactly which of your assets are at the highest risk of failure or the highest risk of leaking.

Schedule Tasks

Industry regulations require certain tasks are completed regularly, and ProMonitor Scheduler makes tracking these tasks a breeze. Schedule tasks, capture data, and stay on top of all your maintenance and monitoring needs easily.

Manage One Call Tickets

Oil and gas operators need to manage One Call tickets quickly and effectively. With each province having its own regulations, this can be complicated. OneCall Manager allows you to receive these tickets, manage affected locations, and tag them with ease.

A Competitive Edge

83% of surveyed customers agreed that OneCall Manager’s quality was higher than that of the competitions’, and 88% of customers loved the robust ProMonitor Schematics over the competition!

We don’t want you to just take our word for it—we want you to see for yourself! At Critical Control Energy Services, we guarantee that we have the best software at the best price and with the best service. Talk to our Critical Control Sales Specialists to learn exactly how we can help improve your operations today!