Field Solutions

Trusted Support, When You Need It

If it needs to get done in the field, we can do it. Operators are busy and getting busier. We have the people that can be deployed to download volume files, change charts, pull samples or any other measurement-related task. No training required.

Field Meter Testing and Calibration

Whether you have the newest EFM or an older chart recorder, we ensure your measurement equipment is giving you the numbers you need to understand your production. Using certified digital test instruments and self-contained proving equipment, our technicians test, calibrate and repair orifice, rotary, turbine and diaphragm meters.


We can implement the latest equipment to automate your site. Our knowledgeable technicians have the expertise to provide electronic meter installations, gas analyzers, gas chromatographs, tank sensors and automated valves. Whether you are implementing devices on your SCADA system, or want to take advantage of our industry leading cloud-based SCADA system, NetFlow, we can make it happen. We do it right, guaranteed.

We are also communication specialists – whether you need your data brought into your office through radio, satellite or cellular, we make it happen.

Equipment Repair and Certification

We have a fully equipped testing, calibration and repair shop as part of our fully integrated measurement services to our customers.

Our facilities have equipment for full-service natural gas turbine meter proving and repair as well as testing, calibration and certification of: