How to Save Company Resources Using Critical Control Software

As business leaders, it is easy to fall into the trap of believing that ‘everything’ we do is problematic, because we are driven to focus on solving hurdles in the way of our business. Occasionally it is important to step back

The vast majority of what we do doesn’t demand our attention, but shouldn’t be forgotten

As business leaders, it is easy to fall into the trap of believing that ‘everything’ we do is problematic, because we are driven to focus on solving hurdles in the way of our business. Occasionally it is important to step back and remember that the vast majority of what our business does is ‘problem free’, and simply doesn’t demand our attention. Ensuring the team understand that is important in maintaining team spirit.

Managing by exception, while certainly offering efficiency, can contribute to this misconception.

The ability to collect data, trend it, and highlight the exceptions that we need to focus on is facilitated by software with the ability to process masses of information rapidly.

Historically, data collected from oil and gas wells, collected on charts and spreadsheets, had to be manually processed and analyzed by multiple interested parties who may have been looking for different patterns. This type of collection possibly resulted in human errors and oversights, causing issue with predicting well and equipment performance. Critical Control has created software that allows users to predict the performance of wells faster, allowing information to be charted and trended over time through the software. Continue reading to learn more about the advancement of validation and trending.

Data Validation

Data validation is all about having processes in place that ensure data is being recorded and reported from the field correctly. Implementing data charts and studying trends is the most efficient way to capture issues at the source to ensure that all of the data being collected is correct.

Try using ProChart to help your business process your data easier. It’s a user-friendly software that has a simple sort mechanism, point-and-click date rangers, autofill sort fields, clear data descriptions, and user-defined field scanner notes. ProChart enables users in the field, and head office, to have immediate access to more accurate data, including:

  • Complete status report
  • Chart images
  • Chart image overlays
  • Measured volume
  • Critical Meter Information
  • Exception reports

Trending Data

ProChart helps clients view their data, but to make sure that trends in your production and wells are visible, it’s important to consider using ProTrend—a lab-independent fluid analysis management system which simplifies the analysis process. ProTrend takes the well data and passes it through a validation process that uses client-controlled criteria. Analyses that meet the criteria move on, and error analyses are flagged and held for review.

Using ProTrend helps clients visualize errors and where there are trends among those errors to help reduce loss of revenue. Additionally, ProTrend users often see significant reductions in their fluid analysis sampling over time.

Premier Measurement Specialist

Critical Control Energy Services has become the number one critical oil and gas production data software specialist in North America; through the balance of practicality, innovation, and technology. With over 250,000 gas meters in its management portfolio, and over 160,000 charts processed per month for over 900 customers, ProTrend and ProChart are proven software solutions for oil and gas companies.

Ready to get started? Check out our website software page for more information on ProTrend and ProChart, as well as our other effective measurement solutions and services. Feel free to  contact us with any questions you may have.



we believe that technological innovation will reshape oil and gas. That’s why we’ve developed ProChart to save you resources and time. Visit our website to learn more or get in touch to book a free consultation.

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