How to Gather Oil and Gas Production Data Remotely

Many oil and gas production companies connect their wells to a SCADA system so they can view production data remotely. Despite this, several still are wasting time and manpower by sending a pumper to check on their wells and collect volume data every day. Save time and increase efficiency for your business, by investing in a new kind of data reporting system that’s truly remote.



Make Your Business More Efficient with ProMonitor Live

When you invest in Critical Control’s fully hosted ProMonitor Live software, you’ll receive fully accurate data reporting every time, and will no longer need to send a pumper to the wells every day. All the information you need will be sent directly to your computer or tablet – including daily production summaries. Monitor your company’s equipment, production, and sales all in real-time, and cut out human error from your data.

To keep your data safe, ProMonitor Live uses an encrypted connection to transmit your data. You can monitor your measurements, tubing pressure, alarms, and other pertinent information to ensure that everything’s running smoothly. If an alarm goes off, the software diverts your attention to the issue at hand—you can even stop and start your equipment remotely too, mitigating the potential of an environmental calamity or workplace injury.


How Does ProMonitor Live Reduce Your Workload?

ProMonitor Live reduces the need for manual data collection. Our software features over 70-meter checkpoints to ensure that you’re always getting the most accurate reading. ProMonitor Live keeps a record of measurement errors, so you’ll know right away if a particular piece of equipment needs maintenance. Custom alarm settings are fully within your control as to the parameters and who gets notified. This kind of confidence means you can organize your workforce and resources where they are needed most, while all the information you need will be right at your fingertips.

ProMonitor Live also produces reports so you can keep track of your data. Save the reports for your records, or send them to other users without having to manually re-enter everything. In addition to the standard library of reports, you have the flexibility to customize reports to fit your individual needs.


How do You Get Started with ProMonitor Live?

If you’re interested in adding ProMonitor Live to your business, get in touch with us today to schedule a demo. At Critical Control, we’ll work with you directly to on-board your digital assets and show you how to use ProMonitor Live to maximize your experience.  We do all the heavy lifting including the inputting of historical data so all you need to do is login and start using the service. With a user-friendly design and functionality, we have created ProMonitor Live to be easy and effective.





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