Critical Control’s ProMonitor Pipeline Integrity Management solution is the game-changing data-driven visual way for producers to monitor the risk and integrity of their pipeline assets and focus their risk mitigation and response efforts for maximum priority, efficiency and productivity.

ProMonitor Pipeline Integrity Management is the web-enabled solution that integrates public and private data in a central database, including fluid analyses, production data, well production information, pipeline failure incidents, environmental incidents, facility Information, digital elevation models and culture information (roads, water ways, cities and towns).

Our expert services cross-reference and validate the data in order for the system to generate connectivity among the assets and a visual depiction of the various systems.

Data & Visuals are securely accessed through a GIS map based web interface with customized region, area & field hierarchies and roles-based user permissions.

ProMonitor Pipeline Integrity Management uses proprietary risk scoring algorithms that account for wide variety of factors including internal & external corrosion and topographical factors.

The result is an easy-to-use solution that helps producers address issues of environmental concern while ensuring optimum productivity and cost control.

ProMonitor Integrity Support: