Production Measurement Drawing (PMD)

Gathering System Maps (GSM)

Field Flow Diagrams (FFD)

Critical Control’s ProMonitor Measurement Schematics solution is the new standard for the creation and ongoing updating and management of field asset maps, field flow diagrams and measurement schematics.

ProMonitor not only helps you get compliant with regulations pertaining to maps and schematics through its version control and automated management of change and distribution, it also helps you stay compliant with data-integrated reporting and alerts for when you need to update them.

ProMonitor Schematics is the web-enabled solution that integrates public and private data in a central database. Our expert services cross-reference and validate the data in order for the system to generate draft drawings from the integrated data set. This accelerates the drawing process, improving productivity and enhancing accuracy – the best first draft at the lowest cost!

Data & drawings are securely accessed through a GIS map based web interface with customized region, area & field hierarchies and roles-based user permissions. Validation workflows are configured so drawings can be distributed for feedback – all online within the web-based interface. Users can use an online redlining rendering tool to make corrections and provide notes – with all feedback tracked and archived.

We won’t just draft your schematics, we’ll keep them up-to-date, compliant and organized with ProMonitor Schematics.

ProMonitor Schematics Support: