Introducing Transport of Dangerous Goods (TDG) Service

We’re thrilled to announce a brand new service to ProTrend – TDG Service. Created to comply with and meet updated regulations and controls introduced by Transport Canada, the  service allows users to track, trend and regulate compositional data that directly affects field changes to the transportation of product.


  • Flash point & boiling point data on all oil samples
  • Alerts for transportation packing group changes
  • Quick view of sample points
  • Compliance focused reporting
  • Safety Data Sheet reporting available for all product types


Analysis Validation Screenshot - TDG

TDG lab results have been added to the oil validation screen along with the calculated transportation packing group for the product.

Pass/Fail Analysis - TDG

When validating analyses, a warning will appear alerting users that the sample results have moved the product into a new packing group.

TDG Dashboard

The TDG dashboard gives users an overview of which sample points have been flagged as changing packing groups, which sample point are close to changing, and which points have remained the same. Users can simply click on a hyperlink which will take them to a list of the sample points which fall under the various categories.

Reporting also exists so that users can trend all of this data. For example, a report has been created that allows users to see specific TDG sample points with a list of all analyses with flashpoint/boiling point data, lab method used, and the container classification number based on that data. This allows user to stay compliant and show proof of classification (section 2.2.1 of Transport Canada’s TDG regulations).

Users can also access our Safety Data Sheet (SDS) report. This report allows users to select specific groups of wells that will collect and average compositional data for Safety Data Sheets for all product types; not just oil.

With a simple all in pricing model, the TDG service is just one more way ProTrend helps you stay compliant in a simple, reliable way. If you’d like to see a demo or want more information, please contact us.

Want to know more about ProTrend? Check out our YouTube Channel for an introductory video.