With over 220,000 North American charts processed monthly, Critical Control’s ProChart gas chart processing & reporting service ensures your volumetric information is accurate and up to date.

Using our state-of-the-art ProChart gas chart interpretation software, our team of highly qualified analysts take each chart through three levels of quality assurance, making sure your volumes are right, always right.

With complimentary field training, detailed field level reporting and clear communication, ProChart provides clients with the tools they need to maximize their production and grow their business.

  • Measured volume reports
  • 24/7 client support
  • Chart status reports
  • Daily reads
  • Advanced management reporting
  • Partner data sharing
  • Error/exception reports
  • No-cost field training including information about gas measurement, common errors and regulatory compliance
  • Critical meter information
  • Electronic exports
  • 24/7 web access to charts and data

Online status information and call-out alarms enable operators to prioritize their activities according to what is occurring in the field. This saves time, enhances awareness and increases responsiveness to complications, ultimately optimizing production.

Local ProChart Scanning Locations Enhance Convenience, Improve Turnaround Time and Save Costs

Critical Control has partnered with several E&I companies to offer complimentary on-premises chart scanning that saves money in courier costs and can help increase turnaround time. Once charts are scanned, expect a 24-48 hour turnaround.

You can find a ProChart local scanning location at the following E&I companies:

  • ACE Instruments Ltd.
    11207 Tahltan Road, St. John, BC
    Contact: 866.785.1206
  • Cascade Process Controls
    420 Aquaduct Drive, Brooks, AB
  • Estevan Meter Service Ltd.
    321 Imperial Avenue, Estevan, SK
    Contact: 303.634.5304
  • Tarpon Energy Services Ltd.
    1105 11 Avenue West, Kindersley, SK
    Contact: 306.463.6462
  • Virden Meter Services Ltd.
    124 Anson Street, Virden, MB
    Contact: 204.748.3704

ProChart Support: prochartsupport@criticalcontrol.com | 844.772.3972