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To connect your company’s ProMonitor Live, ProTrend and/or ProChart accounts to ProMonitor Mobile, please contact

About ProMonitor Mobile

Revenue assurance requires accurate oil & gas measurement. ProMonitor Mobile lets your field operators access information by scanning a QR code at a measurement device. The PMM App allows you to seamlessly integrate volume statements, composition data, and test & calibration certificates, providing you with the information you need to visualize change in production over time. See data on a field level with full picture of each component and visualize potential revenue changes with ease.

Working in conjunction with your ProMonitor Live subscription, and able to integrate other Critical Control subscription programs such as ProTrend and ProChart, the ProMonitor Mobile App gives your company, workers, and executives unprecedented instant access to key information.

Simplifying the process for your field workers means less time spent struggling with data collection, and more time planning and putting those ideas into action!


A subscription to ProMonitor Live, ProChart and/or ProTrend is necessary to use this application. Contact Critical Control today to set up a demo and see how ProMonitor Mobile can change the game for your oil & gas company!

Measurement Data Right at Your Fingertips

All of your certificates, information, and history available instantly whether you’re in the office or the field.

With a simple scan of a QR code at a measurement device, your workers can instantly: 

  • integrate volume statements & composition data
  • view test & calibration certificates
  • visualize change in production over time
  • see data on a field level with full picture of each component
  • adjust and project potential revenue changes
  • and more!

Increase Employee Efficiency

Your employee’s daily tasks are about to become simpler, clearer, and easier to track. You’ll see every aspect of your oil & gas management improve with the ProMonitor Mobile app, which consolidates all of your required information and certificates in a single location.

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