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Control your Critical Flow Measurement Data with Critical Control Technologies Measurement Solutions and Services


Critical Control Technologies is North America’s
Premier Measurement Specialist

Through the balance of practicality, innovation, and technology, Critical Control Energy Services empower clients to manage critical oil and gas production data.

Our exceptional measurement services, coupled with cloud-based software and support, ensures that security, data integrity, and your critical measurement information are at your fingertips.

How does ProTrend work?


With over 250,000 gas meters in its management portfolio, ProTrend is the North American leading solution for simplifying fluid analysis management.

Automate Manual Collection
• Mobile interface
• Completely flexible
• Schedule collection of any field data
• Validate
• Robust reporting and integration

How does NetFlow work?

ProMonitor Live

Developed exclusively for oil and gas professionals, ProMonitor Live is a web-enabled Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) software system that enables remote site management in real-time.

EFM Data Collection
Accurate – Fast – Auditable
• Automated data collection using ProMonitor Live
• Complete audit files from the field without travel costs
• Remote control functionality and automated alarms that drastically reduce site visits.


ProMonitor is the leading spatial data solution for operations. It provides accurate data visualization, measurement schematics, and pipeline risk & integrity management modules for unlimited users – anytime, anywhere.

Pipeline Risk & Integrity Management
• Digital Pipeline Schematics
• Save time and money in monitoring for corrosion
• Schedule automated tasks and data collection
• Completely flexible scheduling and individualized dashboards

How does NetFlow work?


ProStream uses the latest artificial intelligence technology to streamline business processes – allowing you to ignore normal occurrences and only deal with exceptions.  Using state of the art predictive analytics, ProStream not only identifies exceptions, it provides you with likely causes, quick corrections and a full audit trail.

Deep Knowledge – Exceptional Service
• Available as software or as a service
• Experience you can rely on
• Reliable data integrity
• Direct customer service

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