Specialized Natural Gas Measurement & a Suite of Software

We specialize in natural gas measurement services including:

  • Field Measurement and Calibration
  • Shop Meter Repair & Equipment Calibration
  • Digitized Reporting of Repairs & Calibrations

Our Field Service division provides expert field, laboratory, and meter proving services for all manner of gas producing companies.  Our expertise extends from EFM, communications, to repairs and installation.

We offer:

The capabilities of our OH, PA and WV facilities:

NE Region Services Washington Map
  • Prover testing of Natural Gas turbine meters from Rockwell/Sensus and American/Elster with our in-house Meter Prover system.
  • We can Prove all meter sizes from 2” to 12” turbine in all pressure ratings, including the repair or rebuilding of all years and sizes. Parts of all major components are kept in stock at our facility.
  • We are also able to test and repair most brands of rotary meters with a large inventory of Dresser/Roots parts. We can test from an 8C175 thru a 23M175 with the onsite provers.

Service Categories

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