Liquid Prover Loop

Meter Calibration and Prover Loop Testing


Measurement, allocations and revenue accounting are critical components of your business. Without accurate data from your
measurement equipment, these processes fall apart and need to be redone. Ensuring each of your critical meters are on a proper
maintenance program is cost-effective, provides essential revenue assurance and materially reduces the time your company spends on reconciliation and rework.


Critical Control has the most modern Prover Loop in the United States – designed for safety and accuracy using the latest modern software
to ensure each of your meters are tested correctly. Our team of senior measurement technicians conduct full calibrations, repairs,
or complete rebuilds onsite. Our team works not only with data from the immediate test, but all your meter’s history over time which is stored in our database.


We guarantee competitive pricing and we provide you with a proving certificate for each meter. Our combination of experience, software, and the most advanced technology in the industry enables us to consistently provide you with your test, calibration, and data quickly accurately and cost-effectively – GUARANTEED.

We Test & Prove Multiple Meter Types:

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