Predictive Assets Integrity Solution – a constant watch over your pipelines

It’s the dead of night. You’re deep asleep when receiving that nightmare call…There’s a breach at your oil and gas operation!

Driving at breakneck speed, the terror in your mind’s eye is frighteningly real – what if there’s a colossal spill that ruins your company’s reputation and wrecks your bottom line?

Wouldn’t you rather wake up to your own alarm after a night of uninterrupted sleep? No nightmare call – because you addressed potential breaches before they wreaked havoc.

Pinpointing potential risks in advance improves your asset management and avoids costly disasters.

But how do you detect a potential catastrophe? By discovering which pipelines in your operation pose the highest risk to your company.

Knowing which pipelines pose the highest risk empowers you to focus precious time and resources on maintenance programs – not emergencies.

ProMonitor Integrity by Critical Control Energy Services is the software solution that guarantees better shut-eye for everyone!

When you invest in ProMonitor Integrity you gain access to incredible predictive technology that includes:

  1. Central pipeline database (CLOUD)
  2. GIS (Mapping) and data visualization
  3. Pipeline risk assessments
  4. Reporting and analytics
  5. Mobile app and data capture


Central Pipeline Database, GIS (Mapping) and Data Visualization

Our intelligent software integrates numerous public data sources with internal data systems and documents to provide accurate and reliable pipeline data.

This includes multiple GIS layers that are constantly updated to reveal:

  • Culture information including roads, parks, waterways, urban areas and indigenous land.
  • Digital pipeline elevation models
  • Geotechnical Information
  • Water crossings and nearby water bodies
  • Environmental incidents
  • Facility Information
  • Live Forest Fire Areas

This powerful pipeline data is visually plotted on a google map for an instant rendering of your transportation assets – in the office and on the road via our exclusive mobile app.


Pipeline Risk Assessments

A purpose-built algorithm takes both operational and environmental factors into account, using various inputs to calculate corrosion and stress and assign an individual risk score to each pipeline.

The default algorithm examines:

  • 25 factors
  • 8 broad categories
  • 70 + meter checkpoints

Operational considerations include the pipeline’s:

  • age
  • contents
  • pressure
  • construction
  • proximity to populated areas

Environmental factors included when analyzing the pipeline’s location:

  • proximity to any bodies of water
  • type of surrounding soil
  • surface slopes



Reporting and Analytics

The invaluable result of accessing this crucial information is a confident chart that lists all your assets, from least to most at risk.  This empowers you to make well-informed decisions, quickly.

And with custom reporting functionality, you extract the information that’s most relevant to your individual operation.


Mobile App and Data Capture

Access all your info, all the time:

  • Works online & offline
  • Accept tasks anywhere
  • Complete task workflow
  • Capture data collection fields
  • Search capabilities for all your assets
  • View and visualize assets and information
  • A map view shows the assets in your surrounding area



Prediction = Power

This knowledge and functionality enable you to formulate a solid mitigation strategy that bolsters operational efficiency while boosting your company’s ESG score – impressing both your operations team and your head office!

By implementing this simple yet affordable program, you save tons of time and funds by minimizing in-person evaluations and eliminating the need to hire engineering firms to complete assessments for you.

Let Critical Control introduce you to the future of risk assessment: intelligent technology that does the heavy lifting when identifying which assets are at greatest risk.

It’s time to kick your operations up a notch – and join those using the latest technology to better understand the volatility of their assets.

Get in touch with our team of professionals and get used to sleeping tight, every night.

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