Overcome Oil & Gas Measurement Challenges


Metering and calibration services are an essential part of maximizing accuracy, output, and efficiency for organizations in the oil and gas industry. That’s why it’s important to guarantee precision and reliability to reduce costly errors.

Traditional methods of keeping track of regular meter calibration and documentation are labor-intensive, and in today’s economy and downsized environment, there aren’t enough resources for this method to continue being sustainable. Too many spreadsheets, too many pieces of paper, too many follow-up emails. Nowadays, automated calibration practices are proving to be a practical alternative; they require smaller teams, increase productivity and operate at a lower overall cost. It’s easy to lose sight of meters that need to be calibrated and marshal the resources required to keep on top of the task.

It’s time to focus on the vital few, not the trivial many.

Comprehensive tracking of metering and calibration scheduling is easy with Critical Control’s ProTrend, the market-leading software we’ve developed for scheduling, validating, and managing fluid composition data and meter calibrations.


Documentation challenges

Documenting a calibration used to mean handwriting the results on a clipboard, or in a logbook, or even in an email. It can be difficult to keep track of everything without searching through your already full inbox or trying to make sense of an Excel spreadsheet.


Why not employ a different way?

Stop stressing over trying to keep track of your calibration tasks and start focusing more on increasing your production. When you get ProTrend, you receive a dynamic system that automatically tracks calibration completions and alerts you of any exceptions. This means you only need to focus on the calibrations that might have been missed, and not on the nitty-gritty details.


Critical Control helps operators quickly, and effortlessly, manage their tasks while making the process of calibration simple and effective.


What is ProTrend?

Improve the accuracy and integrity of calculations used in measurement and product allocation systems by using ProTrend—a web-enabled tool that simplifies fluid analysis and calibration data. ProTrend’s centralization of analyses ensures that all fluid analysis composition information is made available to you fast—decreasing the time spent searching for applicable fluid analysis data to prove compliance.


By implementing a route-based calibration, paperless documentation, and CMMS data management, your company will start performing calibrations more consistently. ProTrend will help increase the productivity of your team and the quality of your work while reducing the risk and liability caused by human error.



If you’re interested in using ProTrend, or one of Critical Control’s fine-tuned data measurement and management solutions, contact us to speak to a representative who can supply you with more information. With ProTrend delivering your calibration services, you can assure the precision of your systems, maintain product efficiency, and add value to your business with Critical Control.

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