Managing Composition Analysis Data or “How to Keep My C6’s and C12’s Straight”

Many oil and gas well owners know that tracking compositions can be a hassle. Obtaining the results from a laboratory and ensuring it is loaded onto the field meter is a chore—and then there’s the risk of realizing the composition analysis does not match the well site, or it came back corrupt! Understanding the composition of production is key to maximizing the financial output. How do you keep track of it all and do it effectively? Certainly, the answer isn’t “use more spreadsheets” or “bring people back into the office,” right?


C6+, C12+: managing and inputting the complicated range of data without losing anything—that would be good!


You need a dynamic system that automatically uploads your composition analysis, compares it to prior sampling, accepts it, seamlessly passes the file on to the field meter—AND!—flags you on the exceptions, rather than sending you a ton of emails. You deserve to relax and focus your attention on how you’re going to increase production—not worrying about file management. This is especially true of operators acquiring new assets. What do you do with the history of the wells you’ve acquired? How can a blend of old and current data come together into a seamless picture of combined operating wells?


At Critical Control Energy Services, we help well operators simplify their world. We make composition management easy and effective. Learn more below.


Introducing: ProTrend

Our ProTrend software offers oil and gas well operators a low-cost, high-efficiency solution to monitor their fluid analysis and calibration data. The software is web-based, which means it can be accessed by anyone, anywhere—including whether they’re in the field, or working remotely. And it acts as a single source of truth for all of your composition data, no matter which lab processed the analysis.


How It Works

ProTrend compiles data from across a variety of sources and processes it through a series of validation checks, flagging any data that does not meet a predetermined set of criteria. Track, schedule, and manage the entire fluid analysis process from one single repository—no matter what lab provided you with the data. No more manually entering your key composition data!


ProTrend passes the data onto Critical Control’s ProMonitor Live hosted SCADA software to seamless update field EFMS. ProTrend also works with your in-house SCADA system to accomplish the same task. We’ve made it easy to digitize the process.


We’ll also load all your historical data onto the software for easy access, comparison, and trending. Especially those new assets you’ve acquired. Imagine a seamless, simple way to access all the new and old data on a single platform!


Being able to find the right information fast is the first step towards improving efficiency and productivity. ProTrend compiles all of your data in one centralized location, so you can easily access your data and prove compliance.


The Benefits Are Clear

At Critical Control Energy Services, we’re proud to work with oil and gas well owners across North America; helping them improve processes, increasing the reliability of their data, and most importantly—saving them time and money. Visit our website to see what our clients are saying about ProTrend, and get in touch with us to get started today!

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