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Big Changes at Gas Analytical

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Big Changes at Gas Analytical

These are busy times at Gas Analytical! Our organization is built on the skill, knowledge and, quality of the people that we employ. We are very pleased to have increased our team by over 50% despite the recent downturn. This speaks to the resilience and fortitude of our team, clients and the industry we serve!

In just the past 6 weeks our company has opened a new lab in Houston under the leadership of Ricky Rayon. We are processing gas and liquid samples and we are blending gas and liquid calibration standards.

With the addition of Carl Alleman in southern Louisiana, Gas Analytical now provides services to the industry to audit internal liquid and gas labs. Along with Carl, we welcomed Tony Gautreau to the team, providing us with the ability to design and build a modern stationary prover loop to test and calibrate liquid meters, housed in our new office location in Southern Louisiana. The Prover Loop is well under construction and will be operational by the end of September.

Daniel Parker joined Gas Analytical Services to set-up our new Full Well Stream testing service via new mobile trailers. Dan and his team have been busy designing a modern and functional solution for the industry and the units are currently in production. We expect delivery of the first of our new fleet in early August with more to follow in the months ahead.

Our Fields service has been significantly enhanced with the arrival of Victor Delgado and Paul Silguero in South Texas. These new team members bring new enthusiasm and ambition to our new South Texas team that also welcomes Ricky Ruiz, Abel Costilla, Robert Green and Juan Garza.

To accelerate our growth, we welcomed a new sales executive, Clayton Peterson. Clayton brings a great skill set and track record to the team that complements our strong growth plans.

We are very excited about all these new team members. We have a lot going on and look forward to extending our new service offerings to our current and new customers. In recognition of our expanding services – we are looking to change our name to better reflect the material expansion of our capabilities. Gas Analytical Services will soon become Critical Control Energy Services. Watch for our new look coming soon!

We are looking to earn your business with industry-leading software, superior measurement knowledge, exceptional customer service and a proven track record of success.

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