ProTrend is the unparalleled industry-leading solution that provides oil & gas producers with an accurate, low-cost, lab-independent composition analysis management solution. It improves the accuracy and integrity of fluid compositions used throughout measurement and product allocation systems. Only validated data gets into your measurement systems.

ProTrend provides clients with the ability to track, schedule and completely manage entire fluid analysis processes from a single repository, regardless of the lab that performed the analysis.

ProTrend’s suite of exports allows clients to easily manage the transfer of analysis data to measurement and revenue systems, which are dependent on fluid quality to perform accurate calculations. Ensure that all measurement and accounting systems are using accurate, recent analyses.

Our Composition Analysis Module gives you:

  • Centralized, cloud-based repository for all composition analysis data from any lab
  • Advanced scheduling tools to ensure compliance with regulatory and contractual sampling
  • Comprehensive validation tool. Ensure that only representative and accurate sample data makes its way into third party software.
  • Electronic export of analysis data to any third-party software (accounting, measurement systems, business intelligence systems, AER/BCOGC PAS file uploads etc.)
  • Recombined analysis and Effluent Correction Factor calculation tools
  • Full suite of reports, including: schedule tracking, exemption identifications, audit reports etc

ProTrend Meter Calibration Management
Don’t Just Track Your Meter Calibrations. Trend Them

ProTrend’s Calibration Management provides producers with a streamlined, auditable, end-to-end process for managing meter calibration and verification requirements. It also provides a central repository for all your meter calibration/verification data.

Our Meter Calibration Management gives you:

  • Centralized, cloud-based repository for all meter calibration reports and associated data
  • Electronic capture of meter test data using industry standard ProTrend Smart-PDF calibration templates
  • Advanced scheduling tools to ensure compliance with regulatory and contractual meter calibrations
  • Validation of calibration data. Identify potentially missed or invalid test data
  • o Calibration exemption reports to potentially reduce field E&I costs

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