ProTrend is the unparalleled industry-leading solution that provides oil & gas producers with an accurate, low-cost, lab-independent composition analysis management solution. It improves the accuracy and integrity of fluid compositions used throughout measurement and product allocation systems. Only validated data gets into your measurement systems.

ProTrend provides clients with the ability to track, schedule and completely manage entire fluid analysis processes from a single repository, regardless of the lab that performed the analysis.

ProTrend helps clients to easily manage the transfer of analysis data to measurement and revenue systems, which are dependent on fluid quality to perform accurate calculations.

Using ProTrend, manual entry of analysis data and associated keying errors is virtually eliminated

  • Single repository for analytical fluid data
  • Manage routine fluid sampling requirements
  • Validation against client-defined criteria
  • Locks rejected analyses being used in error
  • Electronic dissemination of all valid analysis to clients

ProTrend Meter Calibration Management
Don’t Just Track Your Meter Calibrations. Trend Them

ProTrend Calibration Management provides producers with a streamlined, auditable, end-to-end process for managing meter calibration and verification requirements.

ProTrend Meter Calibration provides a central repository for all your meter calibration/verification data. From there, tools have been created to allow you to manage and report on those processes.

  • Ease of Implementation
  • Coordinate sample & calibration schedules
  • Facilitation of improvement

Want to learn more about ProTrend? Contact us for a demo.

Join us for a web demo regarding the key advantages of full Protrend versus ProTrend Lite. This demo will be approximately 30 mins to 1 hour in length and will demonstrate how ProTrend can:

  • Create and maintain analysis schedules for all field sample points.
  • Perform full analysis validation with component trending and graphical comparisons
  • Generate extensive exports and audit reports on all analysis data
ProTrend Support: | 844.256.1317