A Glimpse Inside the Power of ProTrend

ProTrend is North America’s industry-leading solution in Composition Analyses, Data Validation, and Meter Calibration. With a portfolio of over 250 000 gas meters, ProTrend’s success can be attributed not only to its superior performance, ease of use, and scalability; but also to continuous investment in development that offers improvements to its consistent and seamless functionality. Better known for its attention to fluid analyses accuracy, validation, and calibration management, ProTrend has a few other lesser known tricks up its sleeve.

Join us as we delve into 5 most underrated features and tools that further contribute to the Power of ProTrend.

1. Exemptions
ProTrend has the tools and functionality to help clients identify scheduling exemptions on both the composition and the calibration side. Not only can it help identify density exemptions and look for sampling reductions through Gas Oil Ratio (GOR), it can also trend output meter element statistics, thereby reducing the number and frequency of calibrations needed.



2. Analysis Distribution
It’s not unusual for multiple producers to have shared assets between them, and when they need to share information, ProTrend is ready. ProTrend accommodates these clients, allowing them to automatically transfer and share analyses through a simple data transfer between each client’s ProTrend account.

Analysis Distribution


3. H2S Pipeline Limits:
The Pipeline Limits tool allows clients to easily enter in their pipeline H2S license tolerances directly into ProTrend. Using H2S results that come into the software from their analyses, the tool identifies whether the H2S limits designated for their pipelines are within range. ProTrend flags any sample point for which the analyses show that their H2S levels are getting close to and/or are over their license limit.


4. Calculators
ProTrend simplifies the process of determining effluent test calculations by putting a calculator tool right inside the software. It also lets you create recombined analyses.



5. Ad Hoc Validation
Ad Hoc Validation gives clients the ability to create referenceable representational analyses from analyses that have been stored in ProTrend. Clients simply select different sample points from previous historical analyses in ProTrend that they believe will show composition results that are representative of their required analysis. They can then compare the new analysis to the average of the representative analysis they’ve created and determine if the new analysis is valid.

Ad Hoc Validation


The Power of ProTrend lies in its commitment to ensuring that clients see consistent and continual return on their investment from this great out-of-the-box solution. ProTrend is able to keep its clients accurate and compliant through the utilization of various features and tools at users finger-tips. Through investing in multiple opportunities to maintain and enhance its top-notch functionality, such as the features mentioned above, ProTrend keeps its clients happy and a-step-ahead of the game.


To learn more about the Power of ProTrend contact us at: info@criticalcontrol.com.