Make sure your production and financial accounting is done on time, the right way, by outsourcing your requirements to our experienced team of certified Production and Financial Accountants. With a combined 120+ years of experience and accumulated expertise, our team has seen it all!

Critical Control’s PA/FA Services offers full service & à la carte service options – you choose which services best suit your needs:

Production Accounting

  • Oil and gas production reporting for BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.
  • Oil pipeline splits by working interest owner, by facility.
  • APMC reports.
  • Crude oil forecasting (Form A)
  • Gas contract splits by working interest owner.
  • Plant product allocations to wells and working interest owners.
  • Uploads to Petrinex (Alberta & Saskatchewan), BC Govt.

Revenue Accounting

  • Oil, gas and LPG freehold and overriding royalty calculations.
  • Sales revenue allocations to wells and working interest owners.
  • Calculation of Saskatchewan and BC oil and gas royalties.
  • Reconciliation of monthly Alberta gas crown royalty reports.
  • Preparation of T5.

Gas Cost Allowance

  • Preparation of AC1 for new facilities & changes to facilities throughout the year.
  • Preparation of AC2 & AC3.
  • Preparation of AC5
  • Financial Accounting

Pre-tax Accounting for small oil company.

  • Full accounting for private or public oil companies.
  • Joint venture billing statements for capital and operating.
  • Accounts payable and receivable reconciliations.
  • Bank reconciliations.
  • GST returns.

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