Monitoring and Maximizing Value at the Wellhead Meter

By:  Maureen Evers-Dakers, P.Tech(Eng) – Measurement Guru Ltd.

Operations staff are heavily invested in the well production, and watch it carefully. The same amount is expected from the well everyday, and if the well does not produce that amount, there’s a problem that must be identified. The operations foreman or lead operator will review production numbers daily for anomalies and question reduced volumes.

Of course, the production engineer in the head office is often on the look out for reduced well volumes, and she may concern herself with individual well volumes if the field results are not as she expects. All of these daily, individual volumes from wells lead to field and area totals. These total volumes add up to company totals and that’s where production managers get excited.

At month end, the Production Accountant for that property is assigned to the job of taking the monthly totals of daily volumes and reporting them to the government, the financial system of the company, the partners and the crown. The volumes must be correct and auditable.

In our industry there is an amazing amount of attention paid to daily volumes. So what are we doing to ensure that the correct number is collected from the well in the first place? How can we get correct and accurate information on the well’s volume to these operators, foremen, engineers, managers and production accountants?

Most wells now in Western Canada have some form of wellsite electronic flow measurement (EFM) and data gathering using Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system. These are often vintage systems and mixed in a field where there are different types, kinds, and hosting computers are particular to that vintage of system. I remember one field I worked in had 3 different types of wellsite flow computers and 3 different SCADA systems that brought data to the plant central location. Each of these systems had their own server, password, computer terminal and reporting functions to bring it all in. What a pain in the neck! Everyday the console operator had to log onto 3 different computers, review the data for quality, make changes in the system(!), load the data to a report, print out the report, and then take it over to the computer that had PVR loaded on it and type by hand, the data into PVR. Inefficient to say the least!

NetFlow, which is created and supported by Critical Control, is a web-based data supply of live well data. All information about the well is available at the user’s fingertips. Push notifications can alert any person(s) designated in issues at the gas or liquid meter. This type of monitoring and hands on display takes the place of a SCADA system and cumbersome specialized monitoring, no matter what type of EFM is installed at the wellhead. All producer employees are looking for data, and an alert by text or email allows them to act quickly to reduce downtime in well production.

NetFlow is a data system that gathers all that data to one web-accessed place. NetFlow is completely vendor neutral and will work with any EFM, communications system or SCADA system. NetFlow is a continuously operated system that is always backing up the data to a cloud based server that allows access at any time or day or night to all users (configurable). NetFlow is a leader in industry with an incredible amount of built in features, enhancements and the very latest in data back up and security. Gathering your well data on NetFlow will fulfill many of the EPAP requirements for EFM records, Field Production Records, Production Accounting Set up and PA Factors (EPAP Themes 7, 8, 12 and 13).

The communications type that NetFlow uses is also up to the producer. The choice is open to whether it is data cell phone or satellite. Critical Control works with the manufacturer to ensure the drivers integrate completely into the system. NetFlow is based on a template programming for display where very quick project completion for displaying live well data can be completed within 1-2 days. This allows the producer to have no delay in monitoring and maximizing well production as soon as the equipment is installed at the well. NetFlow is the best solution for replacing charts on wells, bringing order and data integrity to a field with mixed systems and for new well equipment measurement and data choice.

NetFlow is the answer for quick and accurate data access for all the persons that are interested in well production at the oil and gas company.

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