With industry-leading functionality for reporting, trending and audit trails, NetFlow is also the leading SCADA solution for ensuring compliance with both AER Directive 17 and EPAP.

NetFlow is the real time SCADA information solution that provides users with:

  • Real time site information
  • Low upfront capital costs compared to capital intensive self-hosted solutions
  • Flow volume capture with complete audit trail
  • Netflow supports all major protocols enabling communication with virtually any field system – including traditional SCADA hardware and software. Solutions can be provided as stand-alone devices or integrated with existing SCADA systems
  • Universal two-way communication with remote devices
  • Vendor neutral compatibility – works with virtually any EFM device intensive self-hosted solutions

With NetFlow, users can:

  • Update flow computer configuration
  • Check online status to determine if problems can be resolved instantly
  • Optimize plunger lift controls
  • Shut down and re-start equipment
  • Set high/low alarms
  • Adjust flow control valves
  • Visualize flow at the plant or satellite level with NetFlow’s integrated graphics system
  • Monitor and adjust compressor operations
  • Manage callouts for selected alarms

Online status information and call-out alarms enable operators to prioritize their activities according to what is occurring in the field. This saves time, enhances awareness and increases responsiveness to complications, ultimately optimizing production.

The All-Inclusive EFM Solution

Our SmartEFM solution provides options that make EFM an affordable option for many producers’ locations. Our high-quality hardware + software bundle provides you a steady stream of near-real-time data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, letting you know sooner when there are issues so you can act faster. Plus you may be able to minimize site visits, saving time and money.


  • $169 USD Monthly Rental. The ultimate flexibility of no up front cost; and a low monthly rental fee.
  • ALL in. Everything is included: EFM, battery, modem, communication cost (cellular), installation, setup and monitoring .

Contact us today to learn how SmartEFM can work for you.

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