Control Your Critical Flow
Measurement Data with
CriticalControl’s Measurement
Solutions & Services

  • ProChart™
    Gas Chart Processing & Reporting

    Over 220,000 charts processed per month for over 900 customers, including 80% of North America's top 25 gas producers. Because we do it right. Every time.

    Ensure your volumetric information is accurate and up to date. Using our state-of-the-art ProChart gas chart interpretation software, our team of highly qualified analysts take each chart through three levels of quality assurance,making sure your volumes are right, always right.

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  • NetFlow™
    RealTime Auditable Web SCADA

    Flexible. Dependable. SCADA Your Way.

    Net Flow is the web-enabled Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) application that allows you to monitorand manage remote production and processing sites in real time. It optimizes operator visits to sites, thereby minimizing production downtime.

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  • ProTrend™
    Composition Analysis Management & Meter Calibration

    ProTrend is Your Go-To for EnsuringYour Samples Are Right, Always Right.

    ProTrend is the North American leading solutionfor simplifying fluid analysis management while improving the accuracy and integrity of fluid compositions used in measurement and product allocation systems.

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  • PA/FA Services
    Outsourced Production & Financial Accounting Services and Software

    You Take Care of Your Production. We’ll Take Care of Your Paperwork.

    Ensure your production and financial accounting is done on time, the right way, by outsourcing your requirements to ourexperienced team of certified Production and Financial Accountants. Led by industry leader Bruce Maurer, and with a combined 120+ years of experience and accumulated expertise, we are the largest and most experienced outsourced service available

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