Saskatchewan Regulations Information Session


Implementing New Saskatchewan PNG-017  Measurement Directive & EPAP Requirements
What do I need to know as a Responsible Producer or Processing Company?

Critical Control is hosting a half-day session on the new regulatory requirements in Saskatchewan. Attendees will hear from a group of industry measurement specialists, who have a combined total of over 110 years of experience. Each of the four presenters has spoken at the Canadian School of Hydrocarbon Measurement, and three of the four provided feedback to the Saskatchewan and Alberta governments regarding measurement and EPAP requirements.

Directive PNG 017
Release Date: May 2015 | 25% Implementation | Implementation Date: 2016-2017

Directive 076 with Enhanced Production Audit Program
Release Date: April 2016 | 100% Implementation | Implementation Date: 2017

Topics Covered:
– PNG-017 Directive: Measurement Requirements for Oil & Gas Operations
– Enhanced Production Audit Program (EPAP) requirements
– Top Measurement findings from Industry-wide facility reviews
– Best-In-Class solutions to prevent uncertainties

– Bill Cheung, P.Eng, formerly with AER
– Maureen Evers-Dakers, P.Tech(Eng), Measurement Guru Ltd.
– David Penton, Principal, Dapenco Inc.
– Andrew Varsanyi, Director, Business Development, Critical Control

Attendees will leave with a greater understanding of the new requirements as well as a facility compliance checklist.

Event Details – UPDATED
Tuesday, March 29
1:00 – 4:30pm
Palliser One Amphitheatre | Calgary, AB
$100/person (1-2 people) | $75/person (3+ from same company)
Refreshments and takeaways included